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Become a QBA member

Are you interested in joining a fun and exciting sport association?  Dont wait, become a member of a local QBA club today!

Step 1:  Go to the Where to Play link and find the closest club
Step 2:  Call or email the club contact and find out what kind of programs and activities they provide
Step 3:  Go to the club and sign up for membership - pay your fees and off you go! (many clubs will have a trial day where you can participate for a small fee while deciding)
Benefits of Membership

Ability to participate in all sanctioned tournaments and regional affiliated club activities
Insurance coverage for injuries occurring at QBA sanctioned tournaments and affiliated clubs
Priority access to special opportunities involving international tournaments, coaching seminars and social events hosted by the QBA
Opportunity to represent Queensland in national competitions at junior and senior levels

Membership Costs

Contact your local association to find out the cost of membership in your region contact your local club or association.
Local playing information can be found below
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