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Member Insurance Information

QBA Members receive personal injury cover as part of their membership of QBA. Cover is only provided at an activity or club that is affiliated with the Queensland Badminton Association.

Details of the cover can be found below:
The Product disclosure statement for the insurance is below


QBA Player Accident Claim Information

In the event a QBA member is injured at a QBA sanctioned activity a member may make a claim. A link to the claim for can be found below.
It does not provide cover when casually hiring a court or playing an unaffiliated group.
http://www.sportscover.com/claims.asp (This site has some frequently asked questions that may be useful).

There is also a CLAIMS HOTLINE:  1300 134 956 (as shown on the personal accident claim form)

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to send us an email at secretary@qba.net.au



QBA Anti-Harrassment Policy

This document sets out the Policy of Queensland Badminton Association Inc (QBA) in relation to

Anti-Harassment as it applies to the areas of Management and People.


Queensland Badminton Code of Conduct

The attached QBA Code of Conduct has been approved by the QBA Management Board to to ensure and maintain an orderly and fair administration and conduct for Queensland Badminton Association (QBA) sanctioned events and to protect the rights of players and officials and the respective rights of QBA, sponsors and the public; and to uphold the good name of QBA and the integrity of the sport.


Get Involved: Be a Volunteer

The QBA is in need of willing volunteers to assist with our activities.  We encourage all members to get involved and support the programs and activities that you enjoy each year.  Through your help, we can create new programs, tournaments and events and allow current programs to grow.  Together, we help badminton to flourish in Queensland.     
Volunteering costs nothing and is one of the most rewarding ways to give back to your sport.  One person can make a huge difference and in doing so, will inspire others to do the same.
Please contact the QBA Office for more information on these positions.

QBA Dispute Resolution Policy

THe QBA Dispute Resolution Policy can found at the link below


QBA State Teams Policy

The Queensland Badminton policy in relation to state teams can be found below


Privacy Policy

QBA has approved this Badminton Australia policy as QBA Privacy Policy effective December 2014.


Member Protection Policy

QBA has approved in March 2019 the use of the Member Protection Policy from Badminton Australia, and wholly adopts that policy as the policy for Queensland Badminton

Link to the document is below


Anti-Match Fixing Policy

The Queensland Badminton Board has adopted the Badminton Anti-Match Fixing Policy. See the link below to the Badminton Australia Policy


Social Media Guidelines

The Queensland Badminton Association has adopted a Social Media Guidelines. The guideline available at the link below


Anti-Doping policy

Queensland Badminton has wholly adopted the Badminton Australia Anti-Doping Policy effective December 2014. The policy document can be found below



Codes of Behaviour

The Queensland Badminton Association adopts the following codes of behaviour as adapted by Badminton Australia from the ASC.

Hot Weather Guidelines

The Queensland Badminton Association Board has adopted the following Hot Weather Guidelines. The current guideline is available below.


Badminton Australia Ranking Policy

The Queensland Badminton Association has endorsed this policy for use in QBA Open Events


Trophies and Awards

The Queensland Badminton Association has endorse this policy


Risk Management Policy

The Queensland Badminton Association Adopted the following Risk Management Policy. The current policy is available below.


Sport Injury Tracker

The injury tracker below is available for club use.


QBA Grades

Congratulations to the following players on their regrade following their great performances at the 2014 GOSEN City of Brisbane Badminton Championships:

Donald Han to C Grade
Isabel Aniceto to B Grade
Bevin Choy to B Grade
Yap Shan Jiun to B Grade
Jamie Ma to B Grade
Marvis Lee Ming to B Grade
Wilson Wong to B Grade
Lynn Duong to A Grade
Hilary Gibson to A Grade
Sam Lee to A Grade
Wesley Yu to A Grade
Andrea Lee to Open Grade
Simon Leung to Open Grade
Please note these regrades are effective immediately and will apply to all future tournaments as per the QBA Tournament Calendar. Thanks to all the players that have supported Qld tournaments in 2014 and look forward to seeing you play again soon in our tournaments as per the QBA tournament calendar.
Congratulations to the following players who received re-grade at the 2013 City of Brisbane Badminton Championships

Kim Phan - C Grade
Annabelle Wong - C Grade

Ben Chan - B Grade
Yong Xiang Ngoi - B Grade
Tristan Clow - B Grade
Katie Cheng - B Grade
Clive Law - A Grade
Wing Sze Li - A Grade
Chia-Ling Cheng - A Grade

Chia Ying Ho - Open Grade

Well done on your efforts
Last update performed 12/3/12.
This list includes the following list from the Queensland Doubles

A Grade
Nuan Hwey (Amy) Hung
Andrea Lee
Wenx Hansen
Subhash Aroliveetitl
Arthur Lee
Keith Chew
Derry Wong

B Grade
Ying Nu Lim
Felicia Goh
Fok Lok Chin
Robby Christianto
Kevin Gan
Matthew Huang
Clive Law
Albert Lison
Ali Noerrdin
Kevin Ng
Thibaut Zeestraten

C Grade
Claire Chen
Michelle Lauf
Yen-Yiu (Yo Yo) Liu
Amelia Luu
Anne Yeap
Meng (Linda) Hua Wu
Shafan Abu Bakar
Rohit Chitre
Tony Chou
Jie Yang Chong
Ameet Suhas Dabadghar
Suresh Daniel
Jimmy Hsiao
Glenn Ho
Hui Jin Lim
Jamie Ma
Krishnan Menon
Benjamin Mok
Dinesh Nair
Christopher Ooi
Mohammad Hizan Rusmi
Nick Stathis
Keith Tong
Luke Vasanthakumar

D Grade
Cindy Chiang
Bee Chew
Jenny Lam
Kim Phan
Hannah Zhao
Greta Mittelheuser
Kimberley Huang
Sophie Lim
Jefrrey Tan
Sherman Lee
Michael Song


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