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Coaches Information

Becoming a QBA Coach
Interested in becoming an accredited badminton coach?  If so, you are in for a rewarding experience that can last a lifetime. 
Once you have taken the course, you will be invited to join the QBA Coaches Network which provides the latest information on coaching opportunities in your local community as well as Queensland and Australia.  
It is up to you to decide how far you want to take your coaching.  The QBA is dedicated to supporting your coaching career on whatever level you choose. 
Badminton Australia Coaching Levels

Badminton Australia has a four level coach accreditation pathway. All of the courses are nationally recognized and accredited by the Australian Sports Commission through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme. Coaching Pathway

Level 1 Coaching Course

This introduction to badminton coaching course is aimed at teachers / coaches who wish to, or who are, currently working with beginner junior level players

Level 1 (Advanced)
Coaching Course

Is the starting point for your coaching career. this course is aimed at coaches who wish to, or who are, currently working with, beginner/intermediate club level players

Level 2

This course is aimed who wish to, or who are, currently working with, state/territory squad/team level players.

Level 3

This course is aimed at coaches who wish to, or who are, currently working with, national (junior, senior) squad/shadow squad level international players.
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